Walking Grades

Please note not all grades are available on all walks.   Also guidelines are for guidance only - if there is more ascent then leaders tend to shorten the distance. 

A Party up to 14 miles ,up to 2500ft of ascent
Example summer walk - Red Tarn, Pike o’ Blisco, Three Shires Stone and Blea Tarn from Langdale (10 miles, 2500 ft).
Example winter walk - Helm Crag and Steel Fell from Grasmere (8½ miles, 2,500 ft).
B Party up to 11 miles, up to 1400 feet of ascent.
Lower fells, moorland and valleys, and some tops taken at a gentler pace than the A walks. Some challenging terrain and steep climbs but with several stops to enjoy the view. Back in time for the teashop.
Example summer walk - Lingmoor Fell and Little Langdale from Langdale (11 miles, 1,200 ft).
Example winter walk - Ambleside to Grasmere via Loughrigg Fell and Rydal (9 miles, 800 ft).
C Party 7 miles maximum, 700 feet maximum ascent.
Valley walking with plenty of stops and time to enjoy places of interest. Back in plenty of time for the teashop (often starts at one as well), and a look around the destination.  Leaders will look to minimise stiles but some cannot be avoided, so you do need to be able to cope with them. Some rough ground is also likely to be encountered and you will need to be able to cope with this.
Example summer walk - Langdale Valley exploration (7 miles very little climbing).
Example winter walk - Circuit of Grasmere and Rydal Water (6 miles, 250ft).
These are guidelines. For A and B1 walks at mountain venues it is OK to do a bit more height (plus 500 feet maximum) but that should be done in tandem with a reduced mileage.  Also if the walk is less than 1500 feet (A) or 1000 feet (B) of ascent an extra mile may be added. B and C walks should not exceed the “suggested” mileage or ascent whatever the venue if at all possible.

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